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George Whitefield, 14 February 1738

14th February 2017

Whitefield, aged 23, had left London friends and set sail for Gibraltar en route to America two weeks before. "May I never forget this day's mercies, since the Lord was pleased to deal so lovingly with me! About twelve at night a fresh gale arose, which increased so much by four in the morning, t...

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John Rogers, burned at Smithfield 4 February 1555

4th February 2017

On this day in 1555 John Rogers, "a man who, in one respect, had done more for the cause of Protestantism than any of his fellow-sufferers" [- J C Ryle] was burned at the stake at Smithfield, London. Rogers, who had helped William Tyndale with the translation of the New Testament had been impris...

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The conversion of Charles Spurgeon, 6 January 1850

6th January 2017

As a young teenager Spurgeon spoke of being "years and years upon the brink of hell—I mean in my own feeling. I was unhappy, I was desponding, I was despairing. I dreamed of hell. My life was full of sorrow and wretchedness, believing that I was lost.” On this day in 1850 the 15-year-old duck...

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