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Greg Koukl talks TACTICS

2nd July 2016

We're thrilled to be offering a day of teaching from acclaimed apologist Greg Koukl, founder and president of Stand to Reason and one of America's top apologists.

Greg's passion and skill is not only in communicating compelling apologetics arguments, but also in equipping believers to use compelling apologetics arguments with confidence.

Our day with Greg will incorporate teaching, interactive work, and a free evening session to which guests can be invited where Greg will preach the gospel.

Also included will be the Christian Heritage London guided walk of church history in the City of London, and a light lunch!

Book at and look out for the early bird rate of £15 per person for bookings made before 15 May.

Cedars Church, Stowmarket ladies visit the British Museum and British Library

12th March 2016

It was a privilege to host a group of seventeen ladies from Cedars Church Stowmarket, who came on a Christian Heritage London tour of the British Museum and the British Library. On a glorious, fresh sunny day in the capital we examined the archaeological evidence as illustrations of idolatry and it's alternative: faith in God. Reflections on Hezekiah, Abraham, Esther and Nehemiah struck a chord as the challenges that they faced are so familiar to us.

Walking on through Bloomsbury to the British Library we were thrilled by the original manuscript of Handel's Messiah; a message in extreme contrast to the original lyrics in an adjoining glass case by the Beatles': "Help! I need somebody!"

The Codex Sinaiticus was on display, the oldest complete New Testament in one edition, dating from the early 300s. William Tyndales' New Testament was also a high point; strikingly compact in accord with the vision that it should be a book that was conveniently used and, at a time when the bible in English had to be smuggled, hidden.

The Word of God was a consistent theme to our day, as was the worth of Christ.

Virginian students' Christian Heritage tour

10th March 2016

We recently took a group of visitors from Virginia, USA, on a ten day tour of church historical sites. Travelling in the north east of the country we visited York, the city where, in AD 306, Constantine became Roman Emperor. He would go on to unite a fragmented Roman empire and give support to Christianity. We visited York Minster (see picture), the cathedral of York, which dates in its present form from 1472, but includes parts of many structures to have stood on the site in previous centuries.

We also visited the Tees Valley, Yorkshire, Whitby, Edinburgh, London, Cambridge and Oxford, where we had dinner with Vince Vitale of Oxford University, OCCA (the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics) and RZIM (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries) at the Eagle and Child: the pub where C S Lewis, J R R Tolkien and the Inklings used to meet and talk.

Our Virginian friends saw many examples of how the gospel of Jesus Christ has made profound changes in this nation, and the world, benefitting believers and non-believers as yeast in dough. They plan to come back next year, and have decided to come annually.

"And again he said, 'To what shall I compare the kingdom of God? It is like leaven that a woman took and hid in three measures of flour, until it was all leavened.' "
(Luke 13:20-21)

All Souls tour of the British Museum

17th January 2016

Rico Tice brought a group of around 120 for a Christian Heritage London tour of the British Museum.

Five guides led the tour in groups of varying sizes, several groups growing as we went! The collection, containing artefacts associated with many Bible characters, gave many opportunities to consider the implications of the faith of those who served the Lord wholeheartedly, and of those who did not. The story of Hezekiah's cry to the Lord from within the besieged Jerusalem and subsequent vindication was demonstrated vividly, and guests were fascinated to see artefacts that will very probably have been seen and touched by people mentioned in the biblical text.

Sussex Gospel Partnership visit Christian Heritage London

3rd November 2015

A group of church leaders, staff and friends (some pictured below) came up for a day up close to London's church history. Keith Berry took them on a guided walk, reflecting on great stories of faith that have happened in this city, some of which have changed the course of London's history and indeed the world. As they walked he, a fellow pastor, drew out implications for Christian believers in our own time.

The walk was followed by a lecture on London's church history by Dr Kenneth Brownell, lecturer in church history at London Theological Seminary and pastor of East London Tabernacle Baptist Church.

Nelson Searcy visits the British Museum and British Library

4th July 2015

We recently had the privilege of giving a tour of the British Museum and British Library to Nelson Searcy, the senior pastor of the Journey Church, New York City, and the author of several books. It was an enlightening day, looking at the fascinating archaeological record of biblical history.

Nelson has since very kindly written: "I would highly recommend Christian Heritage London to you. I have personally experienced their insights, guided tours, London walks, Christian hospitality and theological integrity. Whether you are in London with a small group and wish to join a walking tour or with a large multi-bus group tour, consider Christian Heritage London for a quality experience that will not only give you rich insight into London spiritual history but also deepen your present and future walk with the Lord."

UCCF Church History Team Day

13th May 2015

On Wednesday the London team of UCCF came to Christian Heritage London for their Church History Team Day.

Following a walk through some of London's church history the group was addressed by Dr. Ken Brownell, pastor of East London Tabernacle and lecturer in Church History at London Theological Seminary.

Team leader Nathan Richards spoke of how "a number of us were moved by the examples and courage of those Christians who have gone before us."

All Souls church history walk

3rd May 2015

On Sunday, 3 May Rico Tice brought a group from All Souls for a tour. Peter Greyling led the walk through London's church history telling stories of John Wesley, William Tyndale, John Bunyan, Anne Askew and others, ornamented with quotes from their lives.

The large, cosmopolitan group of Londoners was stirred as people were reminded of the massive influence of Christianity on London made by preachers, social reformers, authors, academics and martyrs.

Like light shining through many facets of a glorious precious stone, the sacrifice and resurrection of one saviour has been seen in this city through many people.

Christian Heritage London on Resonance FM

19th January 2015

A recent guest at the visitor centre was Madeleine Baird, host of Theard Side of the Coin, on Resonance FM, London's arts radio station.

She got talking with Ben Virgo and followed up on the chat by inviting him onto the show, which was entitled What Is There Left to Believe?

The show was broadcast yesterday and you can hear a recording here:

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