World War I and World War II Tour

Sept 15-24, 2016

Two terrible World Wars marked the twentieth century in Europe and America. Experience history as we travel from Ypres, Belgium (WW I - Flanders Fields) to Normandy Beach to the conclusion of World War II in Europe with the liberation of Paris.  You will experience European culture including majestic cathedrals, wonderful shopping, renowned cultural centers, and excellent French and Belgian cuisine in local restaurants. Our wonderful local tour guides are steeped in history. You will be deeply enriched and moved by this experience. 

Christian Heritage World War Tours

What you will see...

  • Ypres, Belgium
  • In Flanders Fields Museum
  • Bruges - the 'gem of Flanders
  • St. Bavo's Cathedral
  • St. Nicholas Church
  • Paris
  • Normandy
  • Bayeux, Bayeux Tapestry Museum
  • WW II Battlefields on Normandy coast
  • Site of movies "The Longest Day" and "Band of Brothers"
  • Omaha Beach - German Batteries of Longues-Sur Mer
  • American Cemetary of Colleville-Sur-Mer
  • Pegasus Bridge - site of D-Day Airborne attack
  • Return to Paris - Eiffel Tower
  • Cruise on the Seine River
  • Walking tour of Parisian Christian Heritage
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Champs Elysees

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Day 1 - Sept. 15

Fly to Paris, France

Day 2

Arrive early morning in Paris where we will travel from Charles de Gaulle airport to Ypres, Belgium. After checking into our Hotel and having a short rest we will visit the Cloth Hall and the In Flanders Museum, in central Ypres. Dinner will be in a nice French restaurant.

Cloth HallTour the In Flanders Fields Museum which tells the history of the war through many exhibits, media presentations and personal stories of people of many nationalities.

Day 3 - WW I Battlefields at Ypres

Tour the Ypres Salient, the corner of Belgium that was formed by British, French, Canadian and Belgian military forces to defend the area from German occupation.  It was the scene of some of the bloodiest battles in WW I and the first experience of trench warfare.

Visit the Ypres battlefield. The Ypres area tells us the story of the war, and a visit to the German cemetery at Langemark and the Commonwealth War Cemetery at Tyne Cot.


John McCrae - author of In Flanders FieldsHear the story of John McCrae (pictured), the Canadian Medic who wrote In Flanders Fields.

Visit the beautiful Ypres Town Hall.

Day 4 - Bruges, the 'gem of Flanders'

Bruges, Belgium

Today we will take the train to Bruges, the Venice of the North, the gem of Flanders.  Bruges is a canal-based port city, the capital of West Flanders.  It was once the chief commercial city in the world. We will wander through the cobblestone streets visiting St Bavo’s Cathedral (below) and St Nicholas Church with time for shopping, and maybe a ride in a horse drawn carriage before returning to Ypres.

St. Bravos Cathedral

Bruges Chocolates To prepare for this day you might want to use to search for the 'best chocolate in bruges'!

Day 5 - To Normandy via Paris

Bayeux Tapestry

We travel to Paris then on to the ancient town of Bayeux (pictured below) and the Bayeux Tapestry Museum. Tomorrow begins our tour of Normandy.

Bayeux, France

Day 6 - St. Marie Eglise

The church tower at St Marie Eglise - famous for the church tower scene in The Longest Day movie

We start the day with a great French breakfast and meet our specialist guide who is one of the foremost authorities on World War II battlefields. You will love his stories!

John Steele - American paratrooper entangled in the church tower Our bus will travel along the narrow hedge lined roads to the small town of St Marie Eglise depicted in the famous movie The Longest Day where the airborne assault of the 101 Airborne Division’s action first began. You will see the famous church tower upon which the American paratrooper John Steele became entangled.

We then travel on to Brecourt Manor where 2nd Lieutenant Dick Winters and Easy Company (of the Band of Brothers book and TV series) made their heroic attack on the German artillery battery, saving countless lives on Utah Beach.

Day 7 - Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach

We then travel to Omaha Beach to see where so many American soldiers paid the ultimate price for freedom. We visit The Batteries of Longues-Sur Mer where the formidable Nazi fortifications and their bunkers are still well preserved today, also visiting Pointe Du Hoc which was captured on D-Day by the US Army Rangers after scaling the cliffs.

Omaha Beach Landing

American Cemetery of Colleville-Sur-Mer In the afternoon we will travel to the American Cemetery of Colleville-Sur-Mer containing the remains of 9387 servicemen and women killed for our freedom, and possibly take part in the flag lowering ceremony at the end of the day.

Day 8

Today we will travel to Pegasus Bridge, the scene of the first actions of D-Day, where Airborne troops using gliders stormed this position taking control of this strategic bridge to hold up the link with the attack on Sword Beach.

Pegasus Bridge - the start of D-Day

Memorial Pegasus Bridge Museum will be next, where the original bridge is still located. We visit the superb Juno Beach Centre with exhibits describing the Canadian contribution to WW II.  We will end the day at Arromanches where the Mulberry Harbour was constructed (built by the British to facilitate rapid offloading of cargo onto the beaches of Normandy).

Paris skyline

Our train will return to Paris in the evening.

Day 9

Tour the Eiffel Tower

This morning after a great French breakfast, we will take a Cruise Boat on the Seine River where we will have a spectacular introduction to the capital. After the cruise we will go by elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower for amazing panoramic views of this romantic city.

The afternoon will be spent at The Palace of Versailles, visting the place where the Treaty of Versailles was signed.

Dinner will be in the Latin District.

Day 10

We begin our day with a Christian Heritage tour of Paris with a outstanding Christian Guide. The afternoon will be free to explore this great city maybe a walk down the Champs Elysees or shopping in the LaFayette area. Our last evening will be at a great French restaurant.

Day 11

Our bus will take us to Charles du Gaulle for the flight home.

The per-person cost is $2,495(US). The tour cost includes hotels, breakfasts, entrances and ground transportation. This does not include airfare, lunches or dinners.

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